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Load Tester

Welcome on our load-testing service. We believe it is important to test if your website or application can handle the number of requests it has to sustain especially when you are launching a new service.

If you know already what will be the amount of requests you will have to handle or if you are in a process of performance improvement, we believe we have the perfect tool for you.

Indeed, we have built an online service to help you perform easily powerful load tests with up to 200 concurrent users. That's 8,640,000 requests per day if your average request time is 2 seconds.

There are a lot of possibility out there but our solution is probably the easiest to use and will answer all your needs.

Plus we are cheap. You can try the service for FREE with 3 concurrent users. Check out our pricing.

Load Test with up to 200 concurrent users.


Provides real-time reporting with graphs, stats and much more!
Response content of the requests.


Low cost based on a monthly fee where you can run as many test as you wish.
Get your tests ready in just few minutes.


Track the performance of your webapps over time. We keep your results forever.

Still not convinced? Check out our documentation and our FAQ! There is a video of demonstration that explains it all.

Load Testing


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